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i wish they will come in the PHILIPPINES

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Via hiatus; college will be my demise

Bar Drinks.!!!!!

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I LOVE Tumblr And Tubwers

I LOVE Tumblr And Followers

I LOVE Tumblr And Tumgers

I LOVE Tumblr And Bloggers 

I LOVE Tumblr And Tumver

I LOVE Tumblr And Forever

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We are over use the earth, like such a many cars,motors and loud sound. mining,logging,and other bad effect to the mother earth that’s why there are so many bad incident like earthquake in Algeria,Argentina,Mendoza Province,Armenia,Australia,Azerbaijan,Canada,Chile,China,Sichuan Province,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba,El Salvador, Ecuador,Eritrea,Germany,Greece,Guatemala,Haiti,Iceland,India,Indonesia,Iran,Italy, Japan ,Mexico,New Zealand,Nicaragua,Pakistan,Peru,Philippines,Romania,South Asia,Spain,Taiwan,Turkey,United Kingdom,United States,California and Venezuela.Typhoon in Bangladesh,Vietnam,India,China,Myanmar,Japan, Lesser Antilles Islands,Philippines and other. Tsunami in Japan,Greece,Eastern Mediterranean,and other. Flood in China,Russia,Netherlands,India,Bangladesh and other place. Now you wait the other disaster of course not. Don’t wait see more dead people in the street. Now you must gently use all of the technology ,recycle all of the things that can be recycle,plant more trees,Don’t use motors or cars that make smoke, use water in proper way because water is precious and  if your are wanting music don’t put in the maximum volume just in a medium.

And Remind It All That Without The Earth We Have No Life,Food,Water and Shelter. Save and Love Mother Earth  

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